Internet relay improvements

3 April 2012

The NRS has released a new version of internet relay with a number of important improvements for users.

Fix for calls from Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

Internet relay calls are working as normal from Live Messenger.

You should find that your Live Messenger contact name for the NRS – or – will again appear online. Calls are available 24 hours a day just as they were. You don’t need to make any changes at your end.

The connection between the internet relay software and Windows Messenger was broken in November when Microsoft made changes to their Windows Messenger software. This required a substantial rebuild of the connecting software at the NRS end which has now been rolled out with this release.

Calling a 1300 or 1800 number

In the past, our call centre has been unable to tell from where in Australia an internet relay call has come from. Internet relay is different from a TTY call which identifies the caller’s exact location. For most calls this doesn’t matter, but when the caller is requesting a 13/1800 number to a large organisation, with more than one state call centre, this can lead to problems in directing your call to the correct place.

From today, if you request a number starting with 13 or 18 you will be asked to select your state or territory from a dropdown list. This will allow us to place your call correctly.

Emergency calls

Emergency calls made via internet relay will now get priority in the queue over ordinary calls – similar to 106 calls made through a TTY. All you need to do in an emergency is request Triple Zero (000) or 106 on the internet relay call page, and your call will be answered before any non-emergency calls and the relay officer will also be prepared for the fact that it is an emergency call.

Other changes

The NRS has made a number of changes to the look and layout of the internet relay call page which should make the call experience easier and more intuitive for customers. The changes are based on feedback from customers. You might notice that some aspects of the call page look a little different.

Find out more about internet relay.

Or check out our internet relay Frequently Asked Questions.

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