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2 August 2016

Sydney City Relay Service friendly training 2016

The City of Sydney is working with the NRS to provide the best possible phone service to customers who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.

As a local government authority, the City is responsible for the Sydney city centre and more than 30 inner-city suburbs. It provides services for more than 200,000 residents and 20,000 businesses, and more than 1.2 million daily workers and visitors.

The City also runs large-scale events, including New Year’s Eve and Sydney Chinese New Year, which attract millions of people from across Australia and overseas.

Training to be Relay Service friendly

The City receives phone calls from residents and visitors throughout the year. Recently, its customer service team had training on receiving relay calls through the NRS Relay Service Friendly Program.

Through this program, the NRS works with small to large organisations to help their contact centre staff understand what a relay call is and what they need to do when they receive one.

City of Sydney Customer Service Team Leader Irfon Evans said learning about the NRS and seeing how a call is made was really important for staff and the organisation.

‘With so many people living in or near the city and thousands of people travelling into the city centre each day, it’s crucial we make sure our staff know about relay calls.

‘The training was a great step forward for us. Having our staff know what to expect when someone calls us through the NRS allows us to give the best help possible.

‘We’ve also looked at other areas of our business where we can include the relay service information.  We’ve updated contact details on our website and added NRS information to our Disability Action Plan. We’re also taking part in NRS’s Hearing Awareness Week in August to increase awareness across the organisation,’ said Irfon.

The Relay Service friendly training is a one-hour session with a focus on contact centre staff and businesses recognising an NRS call and feel confident when they receive one. Session participants hear about user stories, the different call channels and take part in a live NRS call.

For more information about becoming Relay Service friendly, contact the Helpdesk.

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