Changes to the NRS

26 June 2017

The Minister for the Department of Communications and the Arts has announced some changes to the National Relay Service, coming into effect from 1 July.

Calls through the NRS to continue

There will be no changes to the wide range of NRS call channels currently available. Relay users can continue to make calls through the NRS as usual.

Rebalancing of the Outreach service

Some activities previously undertaken by the Outreach service will not continue, including face-to-face training and promotion.

Helpdesk to continue as usual

The NRS Helpdesk will continue with the same hours - 8am to 6pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday.

The Helpdesk will continue to provide guidance on getting started with relay calls, getting the most from your calls, and help with call problems.

Online resources

Online resources will continue to be available to users and potential users. There will be a shift in focus to educate users about the wide variety of easily accessible communication options available, such as online and app-based message services.

The NRS  online call tutorial will continue to help new users understand how a relay call works.

National Advisory Committee

The NRS NAC will continue to provide feedback to the NRS contractors on priority issues.  

Stakeholder Reference Panel

The panel of volunteers providing feedback to the NRS on a wide range of issues, developments and products will continue. To keep in touch with what’s happening at the NRS you can join the Stakeholder Reference Panel.

More information on immediate changes and the future of the NRS


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24-hour relay call numbers

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    1300 555 727

  • SMS Relay

    0423 677 767

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