Captioned Relay

How it works

diagram of how a Captioned Relay call works

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  1. Open a web browser and go to You can get to this page from the link on every page of the NRS website.
    You can also link to the captioned relay call page through the NRS app.
  1. Enter the phone number you will be using and the phone number you want to ring in the boxes provided. 
  2. Enter the letters/numbers from the image into the security capture box. Click ‘Connect now’.
  3. The NRS will then ring your phone and connect to the phone of the person you want to ring. 
  4. You talk directly to the other person as you would in an ordinary phone call.
  5. The other person’s words appear as text on your browser screen. You can listen to the other person’s voice or you can turn down the volume if you prefer to just read the captions. There will be a short delay between hearing the voice and seeing the captions.

The relay officer stays on the line and the call continues for as long as needed.

If you want to receive captioned relay calls you will need to register.


Image of Captioned Relay user speaking into a phone and reading the responses on a desktop computer.

You will need an internet connection and a phone.

You could use:

  • a desktop computer plus an ordinary phone or mobile
  • a laptop plus an ordinary phone or mobile
  • a tablet such as an iPad plus an ordinary phone or mobile, or
  • an internet-connected mobile phone (a smartphone). You will need to have the phone on speaker or use a headset so you can speak and read the conversation at the same time.

You can also make calls using a special captioned relay handset. To find out more about the handset and associated costs contact the NRS Helpdesk.

  • You speak directly to the other person as in any phone call.
  • The relay officer re-speaks the hearing person’s response to you into a computer with voice recognition software. This generates the text that appears on your computer or phone screen a few seconds later.
  • You can listen to the other person's voice if you want to, or turn the volume down.
  • The relay officer only hears the other person’s side of the conversation. As in all relay calls they only relay what is said and don’t change or interfere with anything.

What does it cost

Relay calls within Australia are free. However you will be connecting to the internet, and charges for your data use will depend on your internet or mobile data plan.

More info

See also our Captioned Relay FAQs.

See the step-by-step tab here if you want to call a Captioned Relay user.

See more about the NRS app.

See our Captioned Relay factsheet.

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24-hour relay call numbers

  • TTY/voice calls

    133 677

  • Speak & Listen

    1300 555 727

  • SMS Relay

    0423 677 767

Make other relay calls
– all the numbers you need
Wow. Thank you SOOOO much. I just had a real-time conversation with my mother over the phone using the captioned relay service for the first time in my life since I stopped wearing hearing aids and we totally understood each other! Thank you NRS!!!"