Benefits for your organisation

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Being accessible through the National Relay Service will help you:

  • retain existing customers or clients who are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment
  • attract new customers or clients from a group of Australians that is rapidly growing as the population ages
  • meet your legislative obligations to provide equality of access to people with disability
  • be at the forefront of Australia’s diversity, access and disability best practice
  • strengthen your customer service.

More and more businesses, government departments and other organisations are making sure that those Australians who are deaf or have hearing or speech impairments can access their organisation's products and services using the National Relay Service.

We call this becoming Relay Service friendly.

Who in your organisation needs to know about the NRS?

Think about everyone in your organisation who should know about the National Relay Service and relay calls.

Make sure your contact centre or reception staff have received all the training and resources they need so they can take and make calls via the NRS. They can try our call tutorial to find out what a relay call is like without actually making one.

Make an Internet Relay call Make a Captioned Relay call

24-hour relay call numbers

  • TTY/voice calls

    133 677

  • Speak & Listen

    1300 555 727

  • SMS Relay

    0423 677 767

Make other relay calls
– all the numbers you need