Check your website and publications

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It is important to make sure your website, factsheets, advertisements, stationery and other printed material for the public have clear and up-to-date information that makes it easy for people with a hearing or speech impairment to contact you.

Consider including a reference to the NRS whenever you list your organisation's contact details.

This will not only make it easier for people to contact you, it also shows your customers that your business or agency is Relay Service friendly. 

Include key words on your website

Customers searching for relay service information on your website will search by key terms such as deaf, hearing impairment, speech impairment, relay etc. By using the specific wording we provide below, customers will be able to find your NRS information quickly and easily.

Consider cross referencing

You may also wish to mention your Relay Service friendliness in other places in your online and print materials, say under Corporate responsibilityCommunity, or other pages relevant to accessibility and customer service.

Advertising your phone numbers

NRS users will make phone contact with you via an NRS access number. Because the NRS provides eight different call channels, there are a number of different access numbers.

Rather than list all these access numbers it is best to refer customers to the NRS website if they need assistance with the access number.

Suggested wording for your website

Contact us through the National Relay Service [LINK to]
Give the [your organisation’s name] number you want to call.
For more information, visit:"

If your organisation has its own direct TTY line, we suggest the following additional line:

TTY users can also contact us on our direct TTY line (insert your direct TTY line number)."

See more about whether you need to keep your direct TTY line.

Suggested wording for your print materials

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service. For more information, visit:"

Keep the wording simple and feel free to send drafts to our Helpdesk - we will be happy to give advice.

Using the NRS logo

If you want to use the NRS logo block on your contact information, please contact our Helpdesk.

Make an Internet Relay call Make a Captioned Relay call

24-hour relay call numbers

  • TTY/voice calls

    133 677

  • Speak & Listen

    1300 555 727

  • SMS Relay

    0423 677 767

Make other relay calls
– all the numbers you need