A Relay Service Friendly case study: City of Gold Coast

18 November 2016

Executive summary:

City of Gold Coast is the second largest local government in Australia, providing services to over half a million residents and welcoming more than 12 million visitors annually. They have 80 customer service staff in a contact centre which is open from 7am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.

Challenge: The City of Gold Coast is committed to creating a city where people of all ages and abilities can live, visit and do business. This means being accessible by phone to people who are Deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment.


Step 1: Update website

An Industry Engagement Officer at the NRS reviewed key contact pages on the City of Gold Coast’s website and discussed the opportunities for improvements with the Online Service Team at the City of Gold Coast.

Step 2: Train your staff

The NRS worked with the City of Gold Coast to identify the best training options for their staff. The City of Gold Coast has arranged free face to face champions training of key staff members with the NRS for early 2017.

The City of Gold Coast has also raised awareness of the NRS with their staff, by taking part in Hearing Awareness Week, the NRS annual campaign.  As part of this annual event the NRS provided the City of Gold Coast with both hard copy and digital resources, such as posters, pens, e-newsletter content and videos, to disseminate with their staff.

Step 3: Assess your business processes

As part of their plan to increase accessibility, the City of Gold Coast has included the NRS in actions of their Accessibility and Inclusive City Action Plan (AICAP)


Taking part in the Relay Service Friendly Program has impacted the City of Gold Coast in a variety of ways.

-          Call centre consultants are familiar with the NRS services provided.

-          The City of Gold Coast plan to join the annual NRS awareness campaign, Hearing Awareness Week for thethird year in 2017.

-          The City of Gold Coast will continue their journey on the Relay Service Friendly Program, with champions training for staff organised in early 2017.

-          After learning more about the different call channels provided by the NRS, City of Gold Coast realised they could ensure better accessibility for their residents by using the NRS and would not need a TTY.

-          Most importantly, by using the NRS the City of Gold Coast is providing include and accessible customer service to their residents who are Deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment. 

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24-hour relay call numbers

  • TTY/voice calls

    133 677

  • Speak & Listen

    1300 555 727

  • SMS relay

    0423 677 767

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“Champion based training with key members of our team will enable greater awareness of people with disabilities and ensure we achieve our plan to increase access and inclusion as captured in our AICAP.”

Simon Davey, Customer Contact Manager, City of Gold Coast

The City of Gold Coast