Internet relay

Questions and answers to help you make a call by internet relay ...

The NRS app

All your questions about the app answered here - features, troublshooting and more ...

SMS relay

Some questions and answers about this new service ...

Video relay

Questions and answers: what you need, what hours is it available etc ...

Captioned relay

How it works, getting registered and lots more ...

Contacting the NRS Helpdesk

Some issues you might have when trying to contact the Helpdesk ...


What are they and do you need one to make a relay call? Plus other questions and answers to help you troubleshoot any TTY problems ...

Changing the type size

See what to do if the type on this website is too small and hard to read ...

Avoiding scam calls

Make sure you don't give private information to someone you don't know ...

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24-hour relay call numbers

  • TTY/voice calls

    133 677

  • Speak & Listen

    1300 555 727

  • SMS relay

    0423 677 767

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