Hearing Awareness Week 2016

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What is Hearing Awareness Week? 

Hearing Awareness Week is an annual initiative that raises awareness for the needs of Australians who are deaf or hearing impaired. Each year the NRS celebrates the campaign by working with hundreds of contact centres around the country to promote the relay service to their staff. 

This year Hearing Awareness Week runs from 21 until 27 August 2016 and businesses are invited to take part by contacting our Helpdesk.

 We estimate over 300 contact centres and approximating 30,000 contact centre staff will participate this year and range from local councils, to major government, businesses and emergency services.

Why should businesses take part?

NRS users expect the same level of service that businesses provide to any customer.  While organisations may not receive NRS calls every day, it is important they know what to do when a call comes through. Participating in Hearing Awareness Week will help businesses to: 

  • remind contact centre representatives about the practical steps in taking a relay call.
  • increase staff understanding of the importance of providing the same level of service to their customers who use the NRS.
  • show commitment to accessibility and customer service for all Australians.
  • meet legislative requirements for organisations to be accessible.

What it involves and how to register

Participating in the NRS Hearing Awareness Week is simple, just contact our Helpdesk at helpdesk@relayservice.com.au and we will send you a link to our online registration.

We make it easy for you to celebrate the week by providing the relevant resources, activity ideas and information. When you participate, you will receive:

  • an Office Pack posted to your location which includes:
    • posters for contact centre/s to help increase the awareness of staff members about NRS calls
    • pens or screen wipes for your contact centre representatives
  • a Digital Pack emailed to you which includes:
    • material featuring relevant tips on receiving calls through the NRS 
    • a 90-second video about NRS users that can be used for your intranet, forwarded to staff or shown at team meetings
    • suggested activities and information to help you celebrate the week
  • a Communications Pack emailed to you which includes staff newsletter templates and sample social media posts to help promote your participation.

For more information please contact the NRS Helpdesk on 1800 555 660 or helpdesk@relayservice.com.au.



Make an internet relay call Make a captioned relay call

24-hour relay call numbers

  • TTY/voice calls

    133 677

  • Speak & Listen

    1300 555 727

  • SMS relay

    0423 677 767

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Free training
‘Some of our operators had refused calls from the NRS. This led to the decision that staff needed to be educated and made aware of the NRS."

Hearing Awareness Week participant