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Joe has severe hearing loss. Before he started using the NRS he had to rely on family members to make calls for him. Joe now uses the phone a lot in his job.

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Your privacy We are committed to protecting the privacy of the content of all calls and the identity of callers.

Making a call

pic of internet relay call on laptop

Internet relay

I want to make a text-based relay call using the internet

Pic of captioned relay user speaking into a phone and reading the responses on a laptop.

Captioned relay

I can't hear but can speak

pic SMS relay user making a call

SMS relay

I want to make a relay call on my mobile phone

pic of video relay caller signing to the relay officer through Skype.

Video relay

I prefer to make calls using Auslan

image of older man using TTY

Type and Read

I can't hear and don't use my voice

pic of Speak and Read user

Speak and Read

I can't hear but can speak

pic of Type and Listen user

Type and Listen

I can't speak but can hear

pic of Speak and Listen user

Speak and Listen

I'm hard to understand on the phone

image of calling someone who uses the NRS

Calling an NRS user

I want to call someone with a hearing or speech impairment

pic of NRS app on a smartphone

NRS app turns one!

The NRS app celebrated its first birthday on 3 December. It was the first app in the world to provide access to a range of relay calls and support functions on smartphones and tablets via a single app.

The app marks a big change in the way people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can make phone calls and has already won a ‘most innovative’ award  see more …

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